Halloween Cupcakes & Cookies

I was asked to make these for my Hubby’s Halloween party at work (I say work, sounds like they do more eating than working!). So i made 12 vanilla cupcakes, 12 chocolate cupcakes and 24 cookies.

The Cupcakes were topped with a green vanilla frosting and sugarpaste pumpkin toppers.  These were made by cutting out 1.5″ circles of green sugar paste, adding a small amount of orange for the pumpkins by making a pea sized ball and pressing it into a pumpkin shape and then piping on the stork and face with a small amount of royal icing.

Half of the cookies were made into skeletons with piped royal icing and the other half turned into ghosts by piping an out line in the royal icing all the way around the cookie, then add some more water to the remainder of your royal icing to make a run out consistency  and fill in the outline.  Once set add spooky eyes and mouth.

I may try chocolate apples and lollipops later if I have time!


Happy Halloween!


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