Flapjack Pizza

How did I manage to lose my tray bake tin?? I can only imagine in my recent house move but disaster not! I’d already made up a batch of flapjack mix before realising this fatal error so I decided to bake the flapjacks in a shallow round cake tin instead.  As I squished it down it reminded me of a pizza base and so, the flapjack pizza was born! Ours is topped with raisins and chunks of chocolate finger biscuits but you can go with whatever you have in the cupboard; drizzled chocolate, yogurt or icing, any dried fruits, chocolate chips, smarties or other sweets – really go for it! Some toppings will need to go on before baking (mainly the raisins and other dried fruits, others once the flapjack pizza has cooled. Cut into pizza slice slabs and enjoy.

Another winner for lunch boxes I think!

Flapjack recipe:

250g oats

150g butter or marg

75g caster sugar

75g  golden syrup

combine all the ingredients together and press down in a greased round shallow tin – I used a 9″ and this mix fits perfectly. Bake in a preheated oven at gas mark 4 or 180c for approx 20-25 mins for a chewy flapjack, gas mark 5 or 190c for a crunchier texture. Allow to cool completely before cutting with a pizza cutter or it will crumble a bit like mine did (I couldn’t wait!).  Can be frozen.


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