Bake meets Make

Followers of my tweets on @bakingcupboard will know I sometimes can be distracted from baking to partake in a little craft and needle work. I’ve decided to combine this blog to incorporate my craft and sewing projects. I think three separate blogs for this is a little over the top! This mainly came from most of my time in the last couple of weeks being spent preparing for the 3 Christmas Fayre’s (is it fair or fayre???? always confuses me) I am going to be selling at this holiday season. I’m planning on doing a combo table of cupcakes, christmas cookies & homemade gifts and decorations. My thinking being, I may stand a better chance of success with a variety of wares to offer! We shall see.

So, I introduce ‘Make Bake & Sew’ ….. a work in progress.

Tweet me @makebakeandsew or email me at

Hope to see you here soon!


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