Felt Angry Birds Christmas Hanging Decorations

What is it about Angry Birds that has me hooked?! I’m 31 for crying out loud yet I just can’t put it down. I love it, my kids love it, in fact everyone I know loves it. And with so much Angry Bird merchandise about this Christmas it inspired me to have a go at making some Angry Bird Decorations from felt.

Materials needed:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Beige, Orange, White & Grey Felt

Different coloured embroidery threads


Soft toy filling

I have attached the pics I used as templates to make these. You will need to print out the pics, trace round each part of the bird or pig separately (I used some baking parchment to trace to shapes) and then cut out each part to create your pattern, pin each piece on to correct colour felt and draw round your template with some dressmakers chalk or a pencil. You will need 2 x pieces for the body. Cut out all your pieces with small scissors.

Using embroidery thread stitch on the face and chest of your bird or pig to the front piece of the body. I used french knots for the pupils in the eyes! Stitch any feathers the the inside of the back body piece so they stick out once you put the front and back together. Take a 15cm piece of ribbon, fold it in half and place near the top of the back piece.  Place the front piece on top and pin together. Now blanket stitch round the edge of your angry bird leaving a 2cm gap. Stuff in a bit of soft toy filling and continue blanket stitching until the birds are completely sealed.  Remove the pin holding the ribbon in place.

Get your angry birds templates here

Right – I just need to make the rest of them now! My son is going crazy for them. Will post more pics when I’ve finally finished!




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