Hand Knitted House Doorstop

I hadn’t picked up a pair of knitting needles for…….. well since this picture was taken when I was about 9 or 10 and we knitted a square each to make a huge blanket for charity. (I’m the weirdo 3rd in from the left on the front row. Yep big fringe, long plait and knee high white socks – can you see how the boys on the end can’t sit far enough away from me!)


Anyway, knitting. Well, my mom gave me a spare ball of arun yarn and some knitting needles recently so I thought I’d have a go at one of those little squares again to get me back in the swing. I kept going and ending up with 4 x squares that I jus couldn’t bear to waste. I was totally hooked by now, knitting in front of the TV every evening after the kids had gone to bed.  My hubby to be is worrying that he is about to marry an old granny. I’m still trying to convince him that knitting is cool again.

This is what I ended up with…..

I didn’t follow a pattern but I’ve briefly listed below how it was made up:

Materials 1 x 100g ball of cream arun wool

1 x 50g of brown dk wool

4mm needles

scraps of felt

50 x 50 cm white cotton fabric or linen

15cm x 15cm  heavier weight pattern cotton fabric

embroidery thread to stitch together

1kg of rice, dried beans or lentils.

Cast on 28 sts in the cream arun wool. Knit garter stitch (knit every row knit stitch) for 56 rows. Cast off knit wise. repeat until you have 4 x squares.

Cast on 28 sts in the brown wool. Knit garter stitch. cast off 1 stitch knit wise at the beginning of every other row until you end up with a triangle. Cast off last stitch knit wise. Repeat until you have 4 triangles for the roof.

Make an inner bag for your filling be cutting out 6 x 4″ squares from your linen or white cotton. Sew together into a cube with a 1 cm seem allowance leaving one side unstitched to allow you to fill with rice. Once filled over sew the last edge. Cut out a small felt rectangle for the door and a small square for the window. Add a button for the door handle and another detail you like.

Ok, now to put together your house. Use a 4″ square of your patterned fabric as your base. Over stitch one cream square to each edge of the patterned fabric with the patterned fabric and the door/window of of your house right side down. Sew the sides of the cream squares together in the same way until you have a cube without a lid. Over sew the 4 roof pieces together, then stitch the roof to the house leaving one edge open. Turn the house right side out. Stuff the bag of filling in the opening and then slip stitch the last seam.

On to my next knitting project I guess! I’m totally addicted.


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