Christmas Felt Needle Book

This is a super quick gift you can give a fellow crafter for Christmas or just make one for yourself! This can be easily made in less than an hour and is something you will use forever. My daughter loved helping me make these too so a perfect beginner project for your little girl.

2 sheets of felt in contrasting colours

buttons and/or ribbon to decorate

embroidery thread

sewing machine

Pinking Shears

Cut out a 12cm x 19cm rectangle from one of your felt sheets – this will be the main part of your felt book.  In the contrasting colour, cut our a piece 8cm x 10cm and a piece 10cm x 16cm – these will be your front cover and inner pages.

On the 8 x 10cm cover, stitch in your ribbon and button embellishments and trim with pinking shears. To make up the book, place the larger rectangle with the smaller rectangle on top and fold in half. Machine stitch down the left hand side approx 0.5cm from the edge. Trim the edges and inner pages with pinking shears. Now stitch on your cover using running stitch.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Felt Needle Book

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  2. I have just found your blog. I love the felt needle book. I made one for my mother when I was only about 8 – gosh that is 45 years ago!! Now that you have reminded me I will be making one for myself.

    Thank you.

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