The new addition….

My sister calls my family the waltons. She says every time I see her there is another one of us. She’s not totally wrong, we are now a seven – my husband and I, 3 children between us, the cat Jean and now the kitten I found wondering around in our street on a Sunday morning. Molly.

Seven mouths to feed, I must be mad.  My wonderful friend Jane is convinced I had planted Molly outside the house so we could ‘find’ her. I wish I was that clever.

Here’s Molly this morning helping me Blog…kind of.


2 thoughts on “The new addition….

  1. She is SO SO sweet – how could you resist??? My husband is so allergic to cat or I’d love to get a kitten, so I totally understand the madness!

    • I know, she’s so cute she makes me want to cry. It’s strange as I seem to be a little allergic to this kitten but not our other cat. Odd. She’s very much settled in though! Ha

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