Like me…..I’m needy

In a world where we all need a blog, twitter feed, pinterest, Facebook account, tumblr blah blah blah –  to stand a chance of surviving in the digital universe, it all leaves me feeling a little needy tbh. We are all screaming ‘Like me, like me’ in the race to get more likes/friends/followers. I don’t like begging.

However, I have made some amendments to my Facebook page to morph it into the offical page of Make Bake & Sew. So if you do like what I do then please ‘Like’ me on Facebook. I will like you too and we can all be virtual friends forever – VFF. Thank you.

Make Bake and Sew Facbook Page


4 thoughts on “Like me…..I’m needy

  1. at last someone has liked my blog who actually shares my interests and who is not just looking for me to like them back automatically, well howdy, I’ll be your friend – ‘cos I like to make, bake and sew too.

    • Ha ha thank you so much for your comment. Was having a bit of a rant! Ha. There is a place for all this liking but only if I genuinely do like something you know?! Do love your blog btw – your jack o lanterns are amazing x

  2. Advice please from my baking and seeing guru – mum has bought me a cookery basket, fancy lining it with something retro. Any idea how I’d start. It’s a traditional shaped basket x x

    • Hi Est – so sorry for the late reply! Have you done your basket yet? I had a search round but it’s quite difficult to find patterns annoyingly. Having thought about it you could make it with just two pieces – an oval for the base and a long rectangle as tall as the basket sides (plus about 10-15cm so it could lip over) and as long as the circumference of the widest part of the basket. you would have to put darts in the sides to taper it down the the base, Just add some ties for your handles. Does that make any sense???!! haha hope you are well x

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