More felt Christmas Ornaments…..

I was really pleased with my recent rainbow felt fairy lights and had been looking around for more felt decoration ideas that I could do in the rainbow style. I Came across this fantastic blog Zakka Life with these beautiful felt decorations inspired by those classic concertina tissue paper decorations of the 70’s. Made from just circles of felt and ribbon they are easy enough for a child to do if you have some little ones to entertain for an hour or two.

And here are my rainbow ones…



Full instructions are on the Zakka Life blog here

15 thoughts on “More felt Christmas Ornaments…..

  1. Beautiful ornaments. I’ve been wanting to make a few for Christmas this year. It was something I did as a kid with my brothers and Mom when we didn’t have enough money to buy ornaments. It was so much fun. I’ll have to share this with my family and make a bunch of them. Thank you. =]

  2. Thank for stopping by my blog.
    I looked at your blog and I found the felt crafts and the sewing crafts lovely.
    But your use of Lego pieces in crafts is amazing. Great job.

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