Lego Jewellery for big kids

Lego makes me happy. Our house is full of it. And if the truth be known I play with it as much as the kids do. In fact when the olympics were on this summer, I spent an entire day building a lego olympic village ‘for the kids’ = loser?

I love all the lego jewellery I’ve been seeing around so when I visited the Crafts for Christmas show at the NEC Birmingham recently, I picked up some silver jewellery findings with making some Lego jewellery in mind. I finally got round to it Friday, just in time for my latest Christmas Fayre at ParkView Day centre in Solihull.

It did also get me thinking what else you could make out of it and how cool it would be to have actual working household items made out of lego. I’m clearly not the only person who has thought of this – check out these crazy lego items I found on other sites….

Some people have too much time on their hands!

Lego Kitchen Island & Lego DIY

For the fashionistas

Hmmm this olympic village makes mine look a bit ridiculous – Lego skill envy!

I wouldn’t want to be putting this one together at 5am on Christmas morning.

13 thoughts on “Lego Jewellery for big kids

  1. I love lego too. I can’t wait until little man is old enough to play with it. Did you see the programme James May did a couple of years ago about lego? They made a full size house out of it, including the stuff inside. It was epic and a lot of fun!

    • OMG that sounds amazing! I can’t believe I managed to miss that *must see if I can find it on the web. My daughter just had her ears pierced today and already has her eye on the little lego flower earrings. Like mother like daughter! ha x

  2. I just about had a LEGOgasm over this post! I’d really love to try and make some of this LEGO jewelry. I definitely have the pieces at home to give it a go. Huzzah for big kid LEGO enthusiasts!

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