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I’m on a real craft journey this year. At the beginning of 2011 I was starting to feel my feet in the world of cake baking and decorating. I’d done a few wedding and birthday cakes for friends and my way through a couple of sugar craft classes. Confident with cupcakes, I started to experiment more and more. I love baking and am so pleased It’s having a moment.

It doesn’t have to be all sugar craft and professional cake making though. As Delia and Mary Berry both say ‘we’re not chefs, we are are home bakers’ and that’s exactly what I love.  Good old fashioned home baking. And not enough of it goes on in our homes in my opinion. Some families don’t have the time but I want to show you quick and easy ways you can make some really stunning treats for you and your family or friends.  Get the kids involved too – many schools don’t teach real baking anymore so it’s up to us moms (and dads!) to keep it going to another generation. Trust me, your kids will love you for it when they have a constant supply of treats.

Make a pact to yourself, next time its your childs birthday…make the cake and don’t buy it from the super market.  It’s such an achievement and I’ll help you all the way.

So were do other drafts fall into this? Well,  this year we have been saving for our wedding so I needed to find ways to cut down birthday and christmas present budgets. Birthdays are easy, as I always just make the cake but Christmas was going to take a lot more effort. Christmas 2010 I made hampers of Christmas cake, jam, scones & mince pies with a friend but I wanted to challenge myself to something different this year. I bought a sewing machine, started collecting materials, felting, ribbons and anything else I could get my hands on and just let myself give it a go! Hell, I’ve even had a stall at a couple of Christmas Fayres selling my decorations and cakes.

Hope my posts from the things I make can help and inspire you to give a new craft a go to.

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