Melted Snowman in a Jar

I bloody love Christmas. Anything I can add to my decorations each year that it is interesting and unusual I’ll be all over it

Check out this melted snowman in a jar which can be bought out year after year and will always be a talking point.

My jar is from Ikea and is filled with general household salt for the melted snow, felt  or card carrot nose and currants for the snowman’s eye’s and buttons. If you have a small jar you can use black peppercorns which are great as the don’t sink in the salt. If you do use currants, take them out before storing your snowman for the summer and replace them when you bring him out each holiday season to prevent them going a tad mouldy. Add a ribbon bow to your jar, striped ribbon would be great and double as the snowman’s scarf.

I made some bauble versions of these too for a Christmas fayre recently. The same principle but just fill clear glass baubles with salt and add the peppercorns and felt nose. Festive ribbon is great for hanging them from your tree.

#holidays are coming……..holidays are coming……

The Felt Gingerbread House update…..

Well I started making the gingerbread house from Jeanette Lim’s Big little felt universe a couple of weeks ago and here is the finished article. I did some adjustments as I just didn’t have the time to sew on all the individual felt sweets to the roof – I would have been there til next Christmas!

I love that the roof comes off the store your gingerbread people and any other christmas bits you fancy.



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Rainbow Felt Fairy Light Oranaments

Just like fashion, Christmas decorations come in and out of vogue too. Colour schemes are always a major theme whether it’s nordic red and white, traditional red and green, new brights or metallics. I tend to favour anything that makes me feel nostalgic and christmas lights really tell a story of the trends we have all followed over the last few decades.

I love the classic coloured fairy lights as the remind me of my Christmas tree growing up at home. Then came white lights, 3D rope light outdoor sculptures and anyone remember the blue fairy light trend?? Houses competing with each other and the UFOesque blue glow in living rooms across the country.

Inspired by those coloured fairy lights of my childhood I decided to recreate them in, yes you guessed it – felt! Great for the tree or to hang on some twine at the fireplace like a garland.

Christmas Tree Pin Cushion

I wanted to make a simple cute pin cushion to go with my Christmas Needle felt case. It had to be christmassy (naturally), so check out this Christmas tree pin cushion.  Only a few bits of felt and some stuffing needed for this simple project as the pearl headed pins are themselves the decorations on the tree! I just added a bit of ribbon on the top for a final touch.

To make this cut out a circle for the base and a larger semi circle to make a cone. Stitch the two ends of the cone together and attach the circle to the bottom of cone, leaving about a 3cm opening. Turn your cone right side out, stuff with soft toy filling and over stitch the opening. Add pins and any other decoration you like!

Christmas Felt Needle Book

This is a super quick gift you can give a fellow crafter for Christmas or just make one for yourself! This can be easily made in less than an hour and is something you will use forever. My daughter loved helping me make these too so a perfect beginner project for your little girl.

2 sheets of felt in contrasting colours

buttons and/or ribbon to decorate

embroidery thread

sewing machine

Pinking Shears

Cut out a 12cm x 19cm rectangle from one of your felt sheets – this will be the main part of your felt book.  In the contrasting colour, cut our a piece 8cm x 10cm and a piece 10cm x 16cm – these will be your front cover and inner pages.

On the 8 x 10cm cover, stitch in your ribbon and button embellishments and trim with pinking shears. To make up the book, place the larger rectangle with the smaller rectangle on top and fold in half. Machine stitch down the left hand side approx 0.5cm from the edge. Trim the edges and inner pages with pinking shears. Now stitch on your cover using running stitch.


Felt Angry Birds Christmas Hanging Decorations

What is it about Angry Birds that has me hooked?! I’m 31 for crying out loud yet I just can’t put it down. I love it, my kids love it, in fact everyone I know loves it. And with so much Angry Bird merchandise about this Christmas it inspired me to have a go at making some Angry Bird Decorations from felt.

Materials needed:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Beige, Orange, White & Grey Felt

Different coloured embroidery threads


Soft toy filling

I have attached the pics I used as templates to make these. You will need to print out the pics, trace round each part of the bird or pig separately (I used some baking parchment to trace to shapes) and then cut out each part to create your pattern, pin each piece on to correct colour felt and draw round your template with some dressmakers chalk or a pencil. You will need 2 x pieces for the body. Cut out all your pieces with small scissors.

Using embroidery thread stitch on the face and chest of your bird or pig to the front piece of the body. I used french knots for the pupils in the eyes! Stitch any feathers the the inside of the back body piece so they stick out once you put the front and back together. Take a 15cm piece of ribbon, fold it in half and place near the top of the back piece.  Place the front piece on top and pin together. Now blanket stitch round the edge of your angry bird leaving a 2cm gap. Stuff in a bit of soft toy filling and continue blanket stitching until the birds are completely sealed.  Remove the pin holding the ribbon in place.

Get your angry birds templates here

Right – I just need to make the rest of them now! My son is going crazy for them. Will post more pics when I’ve finally finished!